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What is a blockchain code audit?
Put simply, a blockchain audit is a structured and systematic code review of a blockchain development project, and it’s done manually. It might use static code analysis tools, however, the main thrust is on experienced blockchain developers to review the code to find bugs.
Why your project plan must include a blockchain code audit?
As observations from experts show, Ethereum smart contracts have a 3% failure rate. This is indeed a challenge, however, smart contract bugs can be prevented. Blockchain/crypto experts have noted that it’s eminently possible to detect smart contract bugs early and prevent them from reaching the production environment. As a responsible entrepreneur or business leader planning to launch a blockchain project, you should include a blockchain code audit in your project plan.
A blockchain code audit is essential for your blockchain project. As explained, your team must thoroughly test the smart contracts, however, that is not sufficient.
Testing of smart contracts is subject to the same limitations of software testing in general, such as it’s never possible to test a program completely.
Moreover, Every software testing project contends with schedule and budget constraints, and it’s the same with testing smart contracts. You might not be able to test every path, moreover, it’s not possible to test every valid or invalid input.
Given that there are a limited number of blockchain smart contract verification tools, you have a significant dependence on a structured code audit quality through internal and external auditors. It can be hard to find expert audit firms for such an extensive audit process though.
You should look for blockchain development experts with a deep understanding and expertise in blockchain code audit processes.
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