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PinkSale is a protocol aiming to provide users with the capabilities to launch their own token and create their own initial token sale.
PinkSale offers multiple other features to help you with the overall token launch, such as: helping with the listing of your token on PancakeSwap, PinkSwap, UniSwap, ShibaSwap, SushiSwap, KuSwap and QuickSwap with locking your LP and with adding a vesting period for your tokens.
Why PinkSale?
On top of being a premier token sale creator, PinkSale aims to incentivize users to continue using our platform. PinkSale has a farming protocol to further motivate project owners to launch with PinkSale over competitors. Also, the top projects created on Pinksale will be rewarded with PinkSale tokens. And finally, our goal is to provide a safe environment for all of our investors that use our Pink ecosystem. With this in mind, an anti-rug system is in place to stop any kind of potentially dangerous projects from using our platform. At the end of the day, what matters most to us is that you, as investors, are protected and that you have the confidence that PinkSale is a safe place for you to invest in crypto projects.
Partnership Cryptolab X Pinksale
in March the 28th of 2022, Cryptolab officialy partnered with the pinksale finance. Cryptolab is now one of the trusted marketers that work and help incubate projects within the pinksale platform. This partnership was discussed and honored with the pinksale founder.
Now when we welcome every client, we have officialy an administrator from the pinksale team, who is with cryptolab, which help in the matters that concern hosting the presale within the pinksale platform. He is as well a trusted person that can vouch for Cryptolab services and way of work. For contact please refer to the link below.
Macbeth: Pinksale representative by Cryptolab
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