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TEN Wallet is a double-layered ring signature multi-chain wallet with zero knowledge proof integration. They are incorporating the latest privacy-preserving technology with an intuitive design to leave the current complicated solutions behind for daily users. Users will have the choice to enable or disable privacy at will.
For each transaction, a brand new wallet is created and the funds are sent to this new wallet. Later, the funds get sent to a first Mixer TEN Wallet pool to mix up incoming transactions. To further enhance the security, mixed funds are then sent to a second Mixer TEN Wallet pool to retain the amount through zero knowledge proofs. Finally,the brand new funds combination is sent as output to the recipient.
The TEN Wallet ecosystem has developed several features to encourage holding of their token and allow for long term growth. Smart-staking is available to all investors who hold the token on a private wallet, and earn passive income based on trading volumes. A portion of the project’s profits are used to buy back TENW tokens on the market and burn them for deflation.
TENW is a bep20 token with a total supply of 10 billion. A tax of 3% is placed on purchases of the token, with 1% allocated to the smart-staking, and the remaining 2% going to liquidity. For selling it is similarly 3%, with 1% being automatically burned, and the other 2% going to liquidity.
This native token has further utility such as Governance to play a key role in influencing the future direction of the project. TENW tokens are used to pay for the transactions while using the TEN Wallet. Hybrid gas fees apply here, with the collected TENW tokens being burned.
As a Gold sponsor of the Infinity platform, TEN Wallet is providing 50 million tokens. The airdrop of TENW will be distributed over a period of 180 days to all investors who locked their 10set in Infinity. The token has already launched and is currently available to trade on PancakeSwap.
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