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Cryptolab Services

Cryptolab Services in BSC, Matic, ETH, CRO, DogeChain, ...
Cryptolab has developed through the last years of experience an international net of contacts of different agents, which provide us with the needed services in every corner in the world. Through this power we can now cover all kinds of markets to advertise and strategize for projects and aim for their wished targeted markets.
Private Presale (Pre Initial DEX Offering): The Cryptolab team offers a wide range of services to help go through the optimal and the most organi IDO that can be provided. We have direct contact and access to different whales groups and groups owners that have influence on different investos and trust our calls and projects.
Public Presale (Initial DEX Offering): In this phase the Cryptlab team has different roads and strategies in its hands. Starting from the largest call groups in the western world to the smallest ones. Offering different Tiers from Diamond to bronze ones. The Cryptolab team also offers professional strategizing and consultancy in this phase as well, to secure a smooth and well prepared IDO for any kind of project. We support following:
  • Fairlaunch
  • Whitelisted Presales
  • Normal Public Presales
  • Dutch Auction (Subscription models)
  • Multipad Raise
24h Marketing Campaign post-Presale and pre-Launch: This phase is one of the hardest strategies to fulfil within the marketing strategy of a project. Therefore if the client decides to go for this strategy, the Cryptolab team needs at least one week to make all necessary preparation of all different calls and influencers contacts to secure heavy releasing of the prepared work in the 24h post presale. This strategy ensures a high buy pressure when launching the token in a decentralised exchange.
Post Launch Marketing
Cryptolab supports as well a wide range of strategies for the post launch of a crypto based project. Usually the strategies for a crypto based digital marketing are drastically different than in the pre-stages of a project. Therefore, Cryptolab has developed efficient strategies to cover this side as well and insure a booming exposure to attract more investors after the projects launch.