All in One Package

This is All in One incubation package. Within this package, the Cryptolab team takes care of every single aspect and angle regarding the marketing of a project. Starting from ground zero, brand creation, passing thrrough Strategizing and planning the different steps that the project will go through. This is all in association and constant negotiations with the project team.

The Cryptolab team should then before deciding for incubating a project make it go through an evaluation process. This process includes the fulfilling of some requirements:

  1. innovative and persuasive usecase

  2. professional and complete team.

  3. KYC with pinksale

  4. initial marketing budget

When all these requirements are fulfilled, the Cryptolab team will then decide to overtake the marketing of this project after closing the deal with the project owners. The project will be then communicated to all cryptolab partners for securing later partnerships for the new upcoming gem.

For more information about this service please contact the owners of the Cryptolab.

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