⚜️Professional Consultancy


  • Technical Consultancy:

The team will consult the project owner on how to create a secure environment by adjusting the bots, how to choose an appropriate an appropriate contract, regulation of tokenomics and a way to a safer presale and launch.

  • Community Management Consultancy

The team will play a vivid role on restructuring the existing community or create a new one together with the team. Due to different activities the engagement can be increased and be used as a marketing tool. All the activities will be explained and organized together with the project owner.

  • Marketing Consultancy

Here the team will be advised on how to strategize and be taught what are the best marketing strategies depending on the stage the project is in. The purpose of the marketing consultancy is to create independency of the project owner, so he is able on later stages to strategize on his own.

  • Brand Awareness Consultancy

The creation of the social media and the proper way to manage it can be tricky. Therefore the cryptolab team will adjust the socialmedia properly and teach the social media moderator of the project how to increase their visibility and use the socials as an advertising method.

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