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How can i contact the Cryptolab Team? To contact Cryptolab team please find in the Contacts section the contacts of the Cryptolab founders. You need to have Telegram to contact us. Also you can reach us using our E-Mail: [email protected]
Why do i need consultancy? A lot of projects find themselves in difficulties or waste funds due to being inexperienced. Some of them are not able to fill the presales, or unintentionally create red flags that make them unattractive to invest. The Cryptolab team is an experienced team which has supported various projects which generated through the process security, maximised the outcome and minimised the waste of funds.
How do i know that the Influencers i used are good? The used influencers are the best on the space. Cryptolab generates traction through influencers / call groups by approaching organic accounts to increase the outcome and client satisfaction.
Do you strategize for the client during the whole project? The Cryptolab team will not strategise for the project during its whole duration but will assist the owner with different services which are actually suitable for the stage the project is at. Therefore the client is able to controll the marketing but have also our support.
Do i have to pay for everything i want to book at once? The payment can be done at once or a list of services can be made and the payment can be done before each needed service. Payments are accepted only in USDT. In very rare cases Cryptolab team can also accept partial payment with native tokens.
How do i know what i need based on the stage my project is? The cryptolab team will suggest the most efficient services regarding the given budget and the stage the project is at. Our offers can be used as oriantation point.