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What is the idea behind the Odyssey Group?
The answer to this question is simple. As we started the Cryptolab, we crated the Odyssey group to share ideas. With time started sharing infos about the projects that we incubate or we work with. Also projects that we provided services for.
We saw how good the projects did and how much profits the few members we had in the group have made. We decided then to grow the group and share the projects and also very early entry points to the quality projects we bring.
All in one: "In the odyssey group, you have access to the earliest entry point possible of the projects that Cryptolab works on. Cryptolab may as well provide whitelist spots or VIP entries to the projects which we are providing services for. These entries are then airdropped for free to the Odyssey members. Also: - Random Giveaways - Free of charge Project reviews - Most active members Giveaway - and much more"
Community Breakdown: Stats 19.09.2022
A pole was generated within the Cryptolab's community (Odyssey) to have an insight about the great people we have with us. Results were as following:
Price List:
Odyssey Prices.pdf