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Reward System

✨✨✨New Rework✨✨✨
We started the initiative of this reward system because we wanted to help our loyal members in the hard bearish times to grow into a positive and thriving community. The Odyssey Private Group is a place where we all help each other and where everyone is encouraged (and rewarded) for bringing new and exciting ideas to the table – in the interest of helping Odyssey and its members to improve and evolve moving forward.

How Does It Work?

We have the Combot onboard (communication bot) functioning in the group. So now we are actively encouraging you to reward anyone who is contributing something positive to the group – whether that be helping another user with a problem, general positive Crypto talk, or suggesting a new idea/feature/project/connection...
Experience Points (XP) will still be earned by our community just for chatting and participating in the group, even without the need for an upvote or a response with a plus sign.
The rankings have been set in three different tiers of different levels to help represent the engagement level of a person in the group.

Levels & Ranks

The levels and ranks will have a theme of greek Mythology gods tree. These are the 3 levels that apply to all the ranks:
  • “Olympian” (the lowest of three tiers) Max XP = 2,000 XP
  • “Titan” (mid-tier) Max XP = 5,000 XP
  • “Primordial God” (the highest possible tier) Max XP = 8,000 XP
These are the 5 ranks, from the lowest to the highest within each Tier:
Olympian God:
  • Hades (12 - 400 XP) - Apollo (401 - 800 XP) - Poseidon (801 - 1200XP) - Athena (1201 - 1600 XP) - Zeus (1601 - 2000 XP)
  • Phoebe (2001 - 2750 XP) - Theia (2751 - 3500 XP) - Cronus (3501- 4250 XP) - Hyperion (4251- 5000XP)
Primordial God:
  • Erebus (5001- 6000XP) - Gaia (6001- 7000XP) - Chaos(7001- 8000XP)
“The Primordial God Chaos” is the highest possible rank to have while “Olympian God Hades” is the lowest.
Starting from Titan Tier, people who reach this tier will have their name on a command reply in the Odyssey group to be distinguished from others.

Reputation System – Upvote & Downvote

On top of that, we also encourage you to reward anyone who is having a negative effect on the group by replying to their message/messages with a – (just a minus sign). This could be due to spreading harmful FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt), insulting others, shilling other coins/platforms.
Creating “FUD” can be very harmful to the community because it can discourage community participation and potential interested people in what Odyssey and Cryptolab has to offer.
Responding to someone with a minus sign will cause the Combot to take points away from that person, potentially demoting them further down the rankings. Please be sure not to use the minus sign just because you don’t agree with someone’s opinions. We don’t always have to agree on everything but we should be open to having an open discussion. This is how we can improve and exchange new perspectives that can improve Odyssey significantly.

💸💸💸Prizes of the new Reward System in Odyssey!💸💸💸

To show our appreciation to everyone for helping build our community into one of the best in the crypto space, we want to reward everyone for their positive engagement in the Group.
Now that the reward system is reworked, the Prizes from each event in Odyssey, will only be available for people who have a minimaum Tier of Titan. The events where Cryptolab team gives Prizes are following:
  • AMAs
  • Invite Link Contest
  • Random giveaways
  • Most active Contest
For AMAs:
each time Cryptolab will host an AMA in the Cryptolab group, there will be a giveaway of at least 150$ to three lucky winners. The winners will be from the people who were present in the AMA. This is a must. During the AMA a list will be made of the people present in the AMA. From this list 3 random names will be chosen. The names will be qualified to be winners of the prize only if they have a minimaum of Titan. Otherwise other names will be chosen. The prizes will be distributed according the ranks of the winners. The higher the rank the higher the prize.
For Invite Link Contest:
after each month we give new join links to people to add them in their BIO. At the end of each month, 3 random people who put the link in their BIO will win the prize. This time only if they have as well a minimaum Tier of Titan. The prizes will be distributed according the ranks of the winners. The higher the rank the higher the prize.
For Random Giveaways:
everytime a random giveaway comes along the way, only 1 to 3 members will be rewarded with prize. The members will be from the list of people of who have a minimaum of Titan Tier up. The prizes will be distributed according the ranks of the winners. The higher the rank the higher the prize.
For Most Active Contest:
Each Month the top 3 random members of EACH Tier will receive prizes as follows:
  • Olympian God
    • 1st place – $30 (in BUSD)
    • 2nd place – $25 (in BUSD)
    • 3rd place – $20 (in BUSD)
  • Titan
    • 1st place – $50 (in BUSD)
    • 2nd place – $45 (in BUSD)
    • 3rd place – $40 (in BUSD)
  • Primordial God
    • 1st place – $80 (in BUSD)
    • 2nd place – $70 (in BUSD)
    • 3rd place – $60 (in BUSD)
The winners will be announced with the prizes being distributed shortly after the winners are announced!
The XP of the whole group will be wiped out every three months to give a chance to everyone in the group.
Thanks again guys, for everything you do. Crypto needs positive vibes to move forward for us all to make profits and live the kind of life we deserve.